How to use Sholi the Free URL Shortener

Your Ultimate Free URL Shortener

Sholi is a "Free URL Shortener" that allows you shorten URLS with ease ad quickly.

Sholi offers URL shortening, branded links and custom domains an advanced dashboard, and click stats. Advanced analytics allow you to understand what is happening with your links so you know what you can improve and get the highest click-through rate. Using Sholi's powerful API you can integrate with your app and shorten your URLs. With Sholi you can generate a custom QRcode with your preferred color and design. The bulk import feature makes it easy to generate links with ease.

Sholi allows you

  • Shorten Your URLs
  • Shorten Your URLs with custom aliases like ""
  • Shorten Your URLs with custom domain
  • Generate QR Code for your URL with custom color and style
  • Sholi provides analytics of your visitors

Generate Short URLs with ease

Generate Short URLs with Ease
  1. Input your large URL
  2. Click Shorten URL Button
  3. Share on Facebook, Twitter or Email
  4. Click to Copy the Short URL
  5. Click to see the QR Code