How to use Sholi's Free QR Code Generator

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QR Generator & QR Maker provides the ability to customize QR code by changing its color, eyes, pattern and frame. You can also add your logo and text to make your QR code look better and attract more scanners. With this QR creator you can quickly and easily generate QR codes using well-designed QR templates. Thus, you can easily generate particularly beautiful WhatsApp QR codes and Facebook QR codes. Make your social media more unique.

On this website you can generate free QR codes. A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that stores information in the form of black and white dots called data pixels or "QR code blocks". In addition to black and white versions, you can also create color QR codes. For these codes to work, make sure the contrast is sufficient and the result is not a negative (color). To make your QR code even better, you can also get a QR code with your logo.

Do you want to generate QR codes for website links, contacts, texts, wifi, business cards or social accounts? Do you want to have a QR code generator that can generate your own style QR code and add your logo on the QR code to attract more scans? QR codes with fancy templates? Do you want a code generator app that can generate WhatsApp QR codes, Instagram QR codes, Facebook QR codes? Then this QR code generator and QR code maker is just for you!

This tutorial shows you how to use Sholi's Free QR Code Generator.

  • Basic Settings

    Basic Settings allows you to set the EC Level, Size, Quiet Zone, QR Code Color and background color

  • Logo Settings

    Logo Settings allows you to set the Logo image, set the logo size, logo opacity

  • Eye Radius Settings

    Eye Radius Settings allows you to customize the eyes of QR Code

  • Eye Color Settings

    Eye Color Settings allows you to customize the color of QR Code boxes

How to use Sholi Free QR Code Generator

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